If you like to read and would like to go into more details, there are a couple of very good books on the market. Those I mention in this post I have read myself and are my recommendations, based on my experience with Yoga and as a Yoga teacher.

One of my absolute favorite books is:

¨How Yoga Works¨ by Geshe Michael Roach.

How Yoga works

This book was actually recommended to me by my friend Sheena. She was very excited about it as it explains a lot of YOGA, how it is supposed to be.  For example you will find phrases out of the old book, the “Sutras of Patanjali”, which is considered as the source of YOGA. But here it is explained so everyone can understand them easily in connection to an interesting story. It gives you a great insight and deeper understanding of how Yoga really is and works. For me an absolute must to read. To check it out, click here How Yoga works

German/Deutsch: Dieses Buch gibt es auch auf Deutsch. Selbst wenn man gut englisch spricht, mag man es vielleicht doch lieber in seiner Muttersprache lesen. Fuer mehr Informationen und Kaufoptionen koennt ihr diesen Link Damit Yoga wirkt anklicken und er bringt euch direkt zur Seite.


¨A year of living your Yoga¨ by Judith Hanson Lasater, PH.D., P.T. 

A Year of living your Yoga

Daily practises to shape your life. This powerful book was given to me as a gift. For every day of the year you have an aphorism. Aphorisms with different themes, e.g. about attention, letting go, enjoying life, fear etc. you can use for yourself as an intention for the day or your Yoga practise. Every aphorism is explained and gives more ways of thinking about it. This book is useable over many years, you can use it in order of the days or just open a page and choose one of them to read and to think about. Perfect to begin your day with as well. If you want more information and pricing, click here  A year of living your Yoga


Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga Anatomy

This book is great if you are curious about how your muscles work, how tendances and legaments work together when you are in a Pose? Many, many detailed drawings and explanation will show you exactly that and much more.  As well it explains breathing in detail, your spinal cord, your muscle system and many asanas / poses in lying, sitting and standing positions. Check out for more information and click right here: Yoga Anatomy .

German / Deutsch: Auch dieses Buch ist auf Deutsch erhaeltlich. Den Link fuer weitere Informationen findet ihr hier: Yoga Anatomie

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