Pranayama is translated as the “control of breath”, the “life force”. Breathing techniques as there are different ways you can bring your breath or your ¨life force¨ to special parts of your body or increase the flow of breath in your body or – and this is a main reason – to be more aware of your breath!.

In general Breathing Techniques are good for everyone (if you are not sick with cold, fever or any breath related illness). It may be practised in a comfortable, calm place where you can practise without interruptions and sit in a comfortable meditation pose or on a chair with a straight spinal cord.

Pranayama helps the body and the mind to stay healthy and can even extent your life span. It is really fascinating what we can actively do to prevent us from sickness or diseases. Your breath can calm your mind and help that it may flow freely in your meridians (NADIS) and chakras. It may even lead you to an advanced higher spiritual experience.

There are different breathing techniques, which can be used to bring breath everywhere in your body or to special areas in your body.

  • Pooraka (Inhalation)
  • Rechaka (Exhalation)
  • Antar Kumbhaka (internal breath retention)
  • Bahir Kumbhaka (external breath retention)


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