Children and Yoga?

Children and Yoga?

Children love to play, run, be loud, be silent, be happy, imagine things and go on fantasy trips. They want to explore, have fun and show a general interest in lots of different subjects, as in animals and nature.

In doing that they develop to their best. Our job as a teacher, parent or friend is to support and help them in doing what they love. Today even little children may feel pressure and stress, already flooded by so many stimulations from their surroundings. Some become shy, create fear to perform in front of others, develop learning or communication problems.

Yoga, here Hatha Yoga, can help them to keep body and mind connected.  It is an old tradition from India, combining breathing, active movements (postures, asanas), time of silence and relaxation. It is non competitive. Especially in the beginning doing a perfect pose is not the goal. The goal is to explore Yoga with fun while learning to relax and combine breathing with the postures. Yoga can be learned step by step, starting from a young age, for example 3 years old and may be practised after for a life time!

Yoga kids


Benefits in practising YOGA are:

  • to improve co-ordination and posture
  • to become more flexible
  • to be able to focus and concentrate better
  • to increase attention span
  • to understand how to relax
  • to practise a non competitive activity
  • to tone and build up core and muscle strength
  • to learn to accept and respect themselves and others.


They can use YOGA in any situation of their life. In dealing with stress, pressure or fear. Using a relaxation or breathing method (pranayama) or allowing themselves to be strong as the lion, wise like an owl, fearless as a tiger or relaxed as a cat. Whatever fits best to them personally!

Yoga Kid balloons



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