Is Yoga a good option for me?

Frequently asked questions:

1.) Is Yoga a good option for me?
If you are looking for sports that

    • improves your physical health
    • makes your body more flexible
    • improves your overall well-being
    • distracts you from thinking too much about too many things at the same time
    • gives you a break from stress
    • connects your body with your mind
    • releases tensions and/or
    • helps you prevent backpains, headaches and stiffness

then YES, Yoga is the perfect fit for you. It can be practised by anyone, no matter what age or abilty. Yoga can be done while sitting on a chair, on a mat in lying or standing position. This is a non-competitive technique with the only goal: to help yourself with whatever you want to be helped with (as above mentioned). It is not important how many postures or exercises you can do or how well you can do them, it is not important what you wear or how flexible you are. The only important thing is to challenge yourself in any revised exercise or technique and surpass your own goals.  If you are ever on Mallorca and would like to try out Yoga, please contact me and we can arrange to have a class of Hatha Yoga together. I offer group and private classes.

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