Spring and Yoga

Wintertime is over and spring season started. Yip. It is the favorite season for many. As the days get longer and warmer, plants and trees start to grow and flower, birds singing in the trees and life is full of energy.  It is a perfect season to fresh up, clean up and increase our energy level as well. Being more outside in nature, meeting up more often with friends, starting or extending with exercises, eating more fruits and vegetables and letting go of things in mind and at home comes almost naturally.

Maybe you always wanted to start with YOGA, but never really managed to do so. NOW is the perfect time to bring it in your daily routine. Here are some very nice YOGA postures, combined in a little flow, which you can practise e.g. in the morning or evening or whenever you have some time in between.

You only need a few minutes for this nice short flow of HATHA YOGA postures and you can easily practise it as a routine (every morning at the same time, e.g. 7:30am) to get used to YOGA if you are a beginner or to get used to practising regularly by yourself. That is the most important thing!. Go ahead and pick a good time for you to practise and then JUST DO IT for a week, you will see after that your body is getting used to the routine and does it almost automatically.

Please click on the above video and you can view the flow easily.  Before you start make sure you are completely comfortable and have read the above description of the exercises.



Thunderbolt/Vajrasana,  Cat and Cow/Marjariasana and Bitilasana, Downward facing dog/ Adho Mukha Svanasana, Childspose/ Balasana

Start sitting in VAJRASANA (Sanskrit name) on your lower legs, knees hipwide apart, your back is straight and your shoulders relaxed.                      With an INHALE, come to a kneeling position, lift both arms over your head and bend your upper body slightly backwards, in BACKWARD BEND.      With an EXHALE lower both arms and place hands on the mat, right under your shoulders, in CAT POSITION, arch up your back.  INHALE and raise your head while depressing your spinal cord, your arms are always straight in this position.  Next EXHALE lower your head, and arch up the spinal cord.      With your next INHALE come to a basic position with a straight back and head in line with your spinal cord, then tuck in your toes. With an EXHALE lift up your hips and come to DOWNWARD FACING DOG, arms and back are straight and in line, legs can be bend but try to straighten them as much as possible. The goal in this position to have the back straight. Breath continously in and out through your nose.  With an INHALE come down with your knees into basic CAT POSITION again. EXHALE and sit on your lower legs in CHILDS POSE, stretching your arms to the front. With an INHALE walk your hands to your knees and roll up vertebrae by vertebrae until you sit again on your lower legs in VAJRASANA.

Repeat this flow like 3 times in the beginning and remember it, so you can practise this as a routine easily every day.  Lateron it is easy to combine  more postures or stay longer, e.g. 3 to 5 breath cycles, meaning 3 or 5 deep in- and exhales while staying in the posture.

Please check out the VIDEO part on my Webpage www.abouthathayoga.com as I will add more videos with variations to this easy flow for you, so you can continue and extend your YOGA FLOW.

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