Asanas are the physical exercises or postures we do in class working together with controlled breathing. Originally there have been many thousand of asanas, but today there are only a few hundred till known. The benefits of those postures are enormous. When practised regularly it can

  • tone and strengthen your whole body, building up muscles
  • improve your blood circulation
  • stimulate / massage your inner organs
  • improve your overall well being
  • help you with concentration
  • relieve stress and help to calm your body and mind
  • and much more
Here you will find the benefits depending on which ASANAS you practise . For example
A backward bend is great for strengthening the muscles in the back and gives good impulses for the nerves, allowing a good blood flow through the spine and the whole body. It can correct postural defects, hanging shoulders and more. It will be practised controlled.
These Asanas / Postures loosen the neck, head, shoulders, arms, hands and use gravity to improve the postures. Same time it can massage the liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestines. It stretches the hamstrings of the legs. Make sure you do not overstrain, bend the legs in the beginning when needed.
These poses help the back and the abdomen to achieve more flexibility by stretching and compressing. They stimulate the kidneys, liver, gall bladder and pancreas as well. Great poses for vitality and a good overall health.
Fantastic for posture improvement, concentration and coordination. Teaching us to be steady in mind, body and posture.
A posture like BALASANA (Childs pose) for example relaxes the mind and the body easily. It is also very good as a counter pose, e.g. to BHUJANGASANA (Cobra) where you work with your lower back.