Child’s Pose / Balasana

bah LAHS anna, bala = child

Kneel on the floor, sit comfortable on your calves, feet a bit separated but the big toes are touching. You can have your legs closed or hipwide open depending on what is most comfortable for you. Your back is straight.

With an exhale bend forward with your head in line with the back, arms by the side of your trunk. Then lower your forehead on the floor, relax your spinal cord, shoulders, arms and hands. If you like you can close your eyes as well and relax the whole body for some time, from 3 to 8 or more breathing cycles as long as it feels good and comfortable.  Try to keep still in this pose, when the body is relaxed bring your awareness to the breathing and feel how your body breathes. To release the position roll up with an inhale very slowly vertebrae by vertebrae until you are back in a straight sitting position with your shoulders and arms relaxed. The head is in line with the spinal cord.

Variation I: straighten your arms, hands and fingers to the front, shoulderwide open, then relax shoulders, arms and hands

Variation II: place your hands in front of your head, one hand on the other or next to eachother and place your forehead on top. Relax.

This Asana/Pose is a resting pose and is used a lot as a counterpose for e.g. backward bending poses, as cobra or snake. The Benefits of this pose are enormous. It relaxes the whole body, may relieve lower back or shoulder pain, or helps when a person feels tired and stressed physically or mentally.

Please be gentle with your ankles and practise on a mat to give you comfort. Come up slowly and stay seated for a couple of breathing cycles.