Thunderbolt Pose / Vajrasana

Kneel on the floor and sit comfortable on your calves, the heels of your feet are open and the big toes are touching. Place your hands on your knees, straighten your back, the head is looking forward and it is in line with the spinal cord, the shoulders and the arms are relaxed.

Alternative: sit between your knees

The Thunderbolt pose is often used as a meditation or resting pose. It is also used as a great starting position or in between other postures for a period of time to relax.

BenefitsThis pose helps to find a good balance and to straighten the spinal cord, it stretches the ankles and feet, bends the hips and knees. It can be a good position for people suffering from sciatica.

Be careful with your ankles and feet, make sure they are comfortable and you don’t overstrain. If ok with your knees, you can try to sit in between the knees and calves.