The word HATHA can be devided into the Sanskrit name HA, meaning SUN and THA for MOON. Both belong together, the same as Ying /Yang, Hot / Cold, Active/Receptive, etc. “bringing opposites together”. The Sanskrit name of

YOGA is YUj, it means UNITY or TO JOIN. Yoga combines physical and mental exercises with the goal of balancing the body and mind, to bring them in harmony. So while doing our exercises the goal is to include the mind. We come into a pose, stay in there for a certain time (beginners may stay for 1 to 3 breathing cycles, advanced for more) and be connected with the breathing at the same time in that very moment.

Hatha Yoga comes from RAJA YOGA which is described in the YOGA SUTRA OF PATANJALI. It is a very complex form including:

  • PRANAYAMA, BREATHING techniques and more /allows the energy to flow freely in the body
  • ASANAS, these are the exercises/postures you mostly find in your Yoga classes
  • MUDRAS, symbolic gestures
  • BANDHAS, muscle force of parts of your body
  • SHATKARMA purification or cleaning techniques
  • MEDITATION Relaxation and Meditation techniques, may include Chakras, the centers of energy.
Next to spiritual growth Hatha Yoga can also bring us a lot of HEALTH BENEFITS with regular practise. It
  • tones and strengthens your muscles and your whole body
  • increases your energy levels
  • reliefs stiffness in your body and reduces body pain
  • helps with concentration and coordination
  • improves your breathing (good for people with ASTHMA)
  • helps you to sleep better and deeper
  • releases stress and relaxes your body
  • may bring a balanced way of living, a connection to the inner self if we want that.
HATHA YOGA can be practised by everyone, no matter what shape or age. It is welcoming kids, mums and dads, singles, seniors, athletes, people who work long hours mostly sitting, people who have very stressed lives, people who grieve, people who want to stay healthy and young and flexible, no matter what. You only have to try it. And stay with it for some time.  Then you will see all the benefits it personally brings to YOU.