Beginner Sequence No. 1

If you are a beginner I am sure your will love this little sequence flow of a few YOGA poses as

Thunderbolt/Vajrasana,  Cat and Cow/Marjariasana and Bitilasana, Downward facing dog/ Adho Mukha Svanasana, Childspose/ Balasana

We start in Thunderbolt Pose / Vajrasana, sitting comfortable on our calves, the feet a bit to the sides, the big toes are touching. Place your hands on your knees, straighten your back, the head is looking forward and the shoulders are relaxed. With the next inhale raise up with your arms straight. Your eyes are watching your hands as they come over your head. The shoulders are still relaxed and away from your ears. Exhale and lower your head and arms into Cat / Cow position. Place your hands under your shoulders, arms are straight. Your knees are hipwide open, the feet relaxed and on the floor. Now inhale and raise up your head gently, at the same time depress your spinal cord. With an exhale lower the head and arch your back. And again inhale raise up your head, depress your spinal cord, exhale lower head and arch your spinal cord.

The next inhale brings you to a neutral position, the back is straight and the head in line with the spinal cord. Now tuck in your toes and raise up your hips with an exhale into Downward facing dog. Our goal in this position it to straighten the spinal cord, the head is between the arms and in line with the spinal cord so we are actually bringing the shoulders and straight arms a bit closer to the floor. The bodyweight is between your open hands and your feet. In this position it is really nice to bend and straighten the legs for 3 to 5 breathing cycles or as long as you like and feel comfortable.  Always make sure you are listening to your body to not overstrain in any position. When you finished your bending and straightening part look at your hands and with an inhale come down on all fours into Cat position again. Keep your hands and arms in place and sit down on your calves with an exhale into  Childs pose /Balasana. Stretch your arms and fingers to the front. Inhale and roll up vertebrae by vertebrae until you are back in a sitting position, in Thunderbolt Pose / Vajrasana. Align your spinal cord and head, place your hands on your calves and breath deep and calm for 3 to 5 breathing cycles. Thank you for watching the video and practising with me!!. And thank yourself for practising YOGA and if you like repeat this YOGA flow as often as you like. You can practise it whenever your want to relax, to calm your mind, to start toning your body…. Namaste!