1.) Yoga is for everyone, no matter what age or condition! Of course, if you have suffered of any injuries, had recent operations or any pain or unwellness at all, please contact your physician and make sure he gives you the go for practising. And always listen to your body, you need to feel comfortable and with no pain. Your practise should be fun and enjoyable!

2.) How do we breath ? We normally breath in and out through our nose, except when the video tells you differently. Always breath in a flow, breath deeply and slowly, don’t hold your breath in between. Mostly we inhale when we raise and exhale when lower into a position. If you feel deezy or unwell at any time come out of the pose same way you came in and rest, for example in Childspose. While you do the video, you can press stop and continue later.

Lets get started !!!  Please click on the Name of the Postures to start Video and Description

Triangle Pose / Trikonasana Var. II  

Beginner Sequence No. 1