Triangle Pose Var. II  /  Trikonasana Var. II    

Stand straight, shoulders relaxed. Open your legs to a comfortable wide position without slipping to the sides, legs are straight, feet parallel in one line and grounded on the floor. Breath deeply and slowly in and out all the time.

Place your hands on your hips, with an exhale bend slowly forward, the spinal cord stays straight, the head is in line with the spinal cord until you come to about 90º to the floor.

Then lower your hands and head to the floor, place hands under your nose, a block or one or two big books if needed. Get a good grip with your hands, place your right hand on your left hand. With the next inhale raise your right hand up until arms are in line. Head is following the raising arm, watch your right hand, breath continuously for about 3 breath cycles (a breath cycle is an inhale and an exhale), start with less and when you feel comfortable and well add more breathing cycles ( as an example up to 8), then bend right arm, while exhaling lower arm and head and change hands on the floor. Now with an inhale raise left arm up, the head follows the arm. Then align arms, breath deeply and slowly,and after completing same amount of breath cycles as you did for the right side, bend your left arm, exhale and lower arm and head. Breath deeply in and out. Then place your hands on the hips again and with an inhale straighten your back and raise up straight until you are back in standing position. Close your legs comfortable, relax your hands by the sides of your body. Thank yourself for practising! Namaste.

Well done! and keep on.

Benefits: This pose strengthens and tones the legs, stretches the hamstrings. It is an inverted pose and helps if you have low blood pressure, same time it stimulates the brain and improves your overall well being.

Contra indications: At the same time if you suffer from sciatica, high blood pressure, eye and ear inflammations, heart disease do not practise. Always ask your physician first, when you have any doubt or unwellness.