Since September 2016 I am offering YOGA CLASSES FOR CHILDREN as well. And I am amazed how well it goes. Right now I am teaching Yoga to children at an International School on Mallorca. The children really enjoy the class as probably 🙂 we have a nice mixture of everything. And this is how the classes work:

With children, age 4 to 6years old, I have stories, music and games to integrate in the class. We play, breath, sing (chant) and exercise to have a fun class.  The children are able to express their imagination and emotions while enjoying the class and still learning about Yoga.

The group of children, age 6 to 10 years old, as well use music, stories and different tools (e.g. balloons, Yoga cards, etc.) in our Yoga lessons. The exercises and techniques (breathing, relaxation) are building up step by step, allowing each child to grow and learn more.

Children in general love to become animals or go on imaginary adventures, and while doing so, I teach them breathing techniques, Yoga poses, meditation and relaxation one after the other.

I am planning to offer YOGA CLASSES FOR CHILDREN in Sencelles, Inca and/or Palma as well. I am open for everything what might come. If you read this and you are interested to have your child join a class of mine or know about a group of children wanting to explore some Yoga, please do contact me and we make it happen!.