Yes, I do Hatha Yoga classes! We practise in our lovely village Sencelles, which is located close to Inca (on Mallorca). Right now the timetable is as following:

  • Tuesdays    from 18:00 to 19:15
  • Fridays       from 18:00 to 19:15 and
  • Thursdays  from 10:15 to 11:30


  • 2 classes a week are Euros 35,00/month
  • 1 class a week is Euros 20,00/month
  • single classes are Euros 6,00

If you are a group of 3-5 persons, or you like a private (20,00 Euro/class) or semi-private class (15,00/each and per class), we are happy to organize additional classes just for you!

In summertime I offer special classes, mostly in the surrounding of nature!  We can practise on the beach, in the mountains, on stand-up paddle boards, or on a lovely finca surrounded by a garden and olivetrees.

Please contact me, if you like to attend my classes. We can make up dates and pricing for the summer classes depending on what we are doing, we might have 1-2 hours of practise together on the beach or on the finca, or go for a short hike and practise Yoga in the mountains (about half a day). I am completely flexible with that. Minimum persons 2 and maximum are 5-6.

If you want to come with a bigger group, we will take a second teacher!